Learning Outcomes for Graduates of a Three Year Interpreting Training Programme

efsli is very happy to announce  the launch on the 17th December at the European Parliament of the publications “Learning Outcomes for Graduates of a Three Year Sign Language Interpreting Training Programme” and the accompanying document “Assessment Guidelines for Sign Language Interpreting Training Programmes”. This event is hosted by MEPs  Ádám Kósa and Werner Kuhn.
Presentations will be delivered by the following speakers:

  • Mrs. Olga Cosmidou (Director General DG for Interpretation and Conferences, European Parliament)
  • Mr. Marco Benedetti (Director General DG Interpretation, European Commission)
  • Mr. Rytis Martikonis (Director General DG Translation, European Commission)
  • Peter Llewellyn-Jones (efsli President)
  • Mrs. Lorraine Leeson (Chair of the efsli Committee of Experts),
  • Mr. Mark Weathey (Executive Director European Union of the Deaf)
  • Mrs. Carlota Besozzi (Director of the European Disability Forum).

efsli will be tweeting that day with the hashtag #efsli_EU_launch.

The Learning Outcomes publication is already available. If you want to order it, please visit the efsli web site: http://efsli.org/shop/. The Assessment Guidelines will be available by the end of January 2014.

Press Release

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