Preventing Burnout Syndrome in Interpreting Profession (DVD)

DVD prepared by Barbora Kosinová and Naďa Dingová advising how to prevent the burnout syndrome in interpreting profession.

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Kategorie: CD/DVD
Jazyk: EN/IS
Autor: Barbora Kosinová, Naďa Dingová

The Czech Chamber of Sign Language Interpreters would like to inform all the participants of EFSLI AGM and conference in Tallin 2009 and our interpreting colleagues all over Europe about the new DVD Preventing burnout syndrome in interpreting profession. The Chamber decided to publish DVD after the success of the presentation of Nada Dingova and Barbora Kosinova. The participants of the EFSLI gathering in Tallinn surely remember the funny videos and pictures describing various situations in the interpreting profession which can lead to the burnout syndrome. After the presentation and workshop of the Czech group there were many participants from other countries coming to us and asking us to share our videos and pictures with them. Therefore we have decided to publish the advices and the funny movies on a special DVD. We would like to offer the DVD not only to all the participants of the EFSLI AGM and conference 2009, but to all Sign Language interpreters who might be interested. The DVD contains the funny movies from Nada´s and Barbora´s presentation, advices against the burnout syndrome, text of the presentation, some photos from EFSLI conference etc. It can be used for personal purposes and for educational settings etc. It could be a nice Christmas gift for a Sign Language Interpreter you know and who is in danger of the burnout. And don´t forget: by buying one of the DVD you will do a good deed - one Euro of each DVD is donated to the EFSLI Special Attendance Fund. If you buy this special DVD, you will support your colleagues who can not afford participation at the EFSLI AGM and make their future participation possible.

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